Main question which is explored by the group is that of the action: its origin, the possibility of completeness and authenticity of its fulfillment.

The core work of the laboratory is the "practice of producing" (in its verbal sense – pro-duc-ere; we also call it “practice of organic action” - organic action is the action uniting thought, feeling and action in their momentariness and unpredictability).


Spheres of activity of the laboratory lies in the meeting point of methodological practice, theatre art, philosophy and anthropological problems.




In 1993 the laboratory was founded by Antonina Rostovskaya.

Antonina Rostovskaya about the purpose of founding the laboratory:

“The idea of total instrumentalism which prevailed in the methodological movement, especially considering the task of solving social development problems, draws the thought away from itself, from the problems of protecting and preserving the very possibility of thinking. There is a need for another approaches and methods, distinct from the existing methods of constructive and normative view on thought and action. Reflecting on “activity games” experience at Methodological school led me to the question of how something can be accomplished in its fullness («…the essence of action is accomplishment. To accomplish means to unfold something into the fullness of its essence, to lead it forth into this fullness—producere» Martin Heidegger in «Letter on Humanism»). The only place, in my opinion, which allows cultivation of such type of action is the stage space”.


Search for the essence of action brings the laboratory work out of theatre sphere to other spheres, in particular, to education.


First attempts in researching the possibility of accomplishment something in its fullness started in 1992, using the novels of Julio Cortázar “Historias de cronopios y de famas” as the material for the experiments and theatrical work. J. Cortázar is the author of openness, since there is no certain logic, storyline and stereotypical perception of the world in his works – and that is what allows exploring and forming different approach to accomplishment of activity.

From the moment of its foundation in its development the laboratory has gone through several significant stages:


First completed experience in laboratory work was the performance “From the life of chronopios and famas” based on the novels by J.Cortazar, premiered on 25th of June 1994.

In 1996 the educational course “Management Thought in Staging” was founded at the State University of Management.

In 2000 the First International Educational Forum “Humane practices and modern society” was organized and held by the laboratory.

In 2001 were developed trainings in business-education.

In 2005 work of laboratory has been institutionalized in form of Stage Action in Management Laboratory in State University of Management (for the first time in Russian university education). In 2014 the Laboratory of stage practices was founded in Moscow State Pedagogical University.

In 2005 master-courses in theater education was developed.

In 2016 laboratory organized and held the open seminar “Humane practices and contemporary education” with the participation of philosopher and Stanford University professor Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht.

In perspective – founding of “School of organic action” for development of education. 




Antonina Rostovskaya


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Ksenia Fedosova

Pavel Fedosov

Svetlana Panina

Alexey Semyannikov

Igor Kalinovsky

Michail Veselinov

George Dzeranov

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